Vocation Information

Mission Statement and Description of Life of the Carmelite nuns of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita
Founded in 1573, our cloistered mission is a life of sacrifice, joyfully dedicated to consoling the heart of our God, so offended by His ungrateful creatures, and to intercession for the whole world, but especially priests. This is a cloistered community in which the sisters live their lives for God and for His Church. The call to Carmel is a call to serve the Church through prayer and sacrifice. Our charism is guided by our foundress, St. Teresa of Avila, and by St. John of the Cross. The essence of the Carmelite contemplative life is: living in the presence of God, in imitation of their most pure Mother Mary and the prophet Elijah, their spiritual founder who lived 900 years before Christ.

Qualifications for Entry
Must have the mental and emotional maturity that is exhibited by: 1) the capacity to obey; 2) the ability to be responsible and generous in work; 3) acceptance of responsibility for one’s own actions; 4) detachment from the things of the world, family and friends; 5) be a person of prayer; 6) be able to live unselfishly in community and the cloister.

Formation Program
Pre-postulancy: some months (nonspecific); postulancy: six months to one year; novitiate: one to two years; first profession: three to six years; solemn profession: until death.

Age Range/Limit

Consider Belated Vocations?

Belated/Late Vocations Explanation
There have been some belated vocations to Carmel since the time of our Holy Mother Saint Teresa, but generally they do not persevere.

Rev. Mother Prioress
Vocation Contact
P.O. Box 278
Valley Center, KS 67147

“God’s call is for the strong: it is for those who rebel against mediocrity and the cowardice of the comfortable life with their own personal contribution and by bearing the cross. Nowadays the religious life calls for strength. In times past it may have been a refuge for many weak and timid souls. Today it is the workshop of souls that are strong, dependable, and heroic”.
Servant of God Paul VI